IDZEBRA  2.1.3
Data Fields
RecWord Struct Reference

#include <recctrl.h>

Data Fields

const char * index_type
const char * index_name
const char * term_buf
int term_len
zint seqno
zint segment
zint record_id
zint section_id
struct recExtractCtrlextractCtrl

Detailed Description

Indexing token

Definition at line 50 of file recctrl.h.

Field Documentation

struct recExtractCtrl* RecWord::extractCtrl
const char* RecWord::index_name
const char* RecWord::index_type
zint RecWord::record_id
zint RecWord::section_id

section ID

Definition at line 66 of file recctrl.h.

Referenced by extract_add_index_string(), extract_add_sort_string(), extract_init(), and filter_extract().

zint RecWord::segment

segment number

Definition at line 62 of file recctrl.h.

Referenced by extract_add_index_string(), extract_init(), and filter_extract().

zint RecWord::seqno
const char* RecWord::term_buf
int RecWord::term_len

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