IDZEBRA  2.1.3
Data Fields
data1_element Struct Reference

#include <data1.h>

Data Fields

char * name
char * sub_name
struct data1_elementchildren
struct data1_elementnext
struct data1_hash_tablehash

Detailed Description

Definition at line 242 of file data1.h.

Field Documentation

struct data1_element* data1_element::children
struct data1_hash_table* data1_element::hash

Definition at line 250 of file data1.h.

Referenced by data1_getelementbytagname(), and data1_mk_element().

char* data1_element::name

Definition at line 244 of file data1.h.

Referenced by data1_getelementbyname(), data1_mk_element(), data1_read_absyn(), and dumpkeys_r().

struct data1_element* data1_element::next
char* data1_element::sub_name

Definition at line 247 of file data1.h.

Referenced by data1_mk_element(), data1_read_absyn(), and fix_element_ref().

data1_tag* data1_element::tag
data1_termlist* data1_element::termlists

Definition at line 246 of file data1.h.

Referenced by data1_mk_element(), and data1_read_absyn().

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