IDZEBRA  2.1.3
Data Fields
rset Struct Reference

#include <rset.h>

Data Fields

const struct rset_controlcontrol
struct rset_key_controlkeycontrol
int refcount
void * priv
NMEM nmem
RSFD free_list
RSFD use_list
int scope
int no_children
zint hits_limit
zint hits_count
zint hits_round
int hits_approx

Detailed Description

A rset is an ordered sequence of keys, either directly from an underlaying isam, or from one of the higher-level operator rsets (and, or, ...). Actually, it is "virtual base class", no pure rsets exist in the system, they all are of some derived type.

Definition at line 150 of file rset.h.

Field Documentation

RSET* rset::children
const struct rset_control* rset::control
RSFD rset::free_list

Definition at line 157 of file rset.h.

Referenced by rfd_create_base(), rset_close_int(), and rset_create_base().

int rset::hits_approx

Definition at line 166 of file rset.h.

Referenced by rset_close(), rset_visit(), and trav_rset_for_termids().

zint rset::hits_count
zint rset::hits_limit
zint rset::hits_round

Definition at line 165 of file rset.h.

Referenced by rset_close(), and rset_create_base().

struct rset_key_control* rset::keycontrol
NMEM rset::nmem
int rset::no_children
void* rset::priv
int rset::refcount

Definition at line 154 of file rset.h.

Referenced by rset_create_base(), rset_delete(), and rset_dup().

int rset::scope
TERMID rset::term
RSFD rset::use_list

Definition at line 158 of file rset.h.

Referenced by rfd_create_base(), rfd_is_last(), rset_close_int(), rset_create_base(), and rset_delete().

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