pazpar2  1.13.1
File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
 charsets.cPazpar2 Character set facilities
 charsets.hPazpar2 Character set facilities
 client.cZ39.50 client
 client.hZ39.50 client
 connection.cZ39.50 connection (low-level client)
 connection.hZ39.50 connection (low-level client)
 facet_limit.cParse facet limit
 incref.cMUTEX protect ref counts
 incref.hMUTEX protect ref counts
 jenkins_hash.cJenkins hash function
 marchash.cMARC MAP utilities (hash lookup etc)
 marcmap.cMARC map implementation
 normalize7bit.cChar and string normalization for 7bit ascii only
 ppmutex.cControl MUTEX debugging
 ppmutex.hControl MUTEX debugging
 session.cHigh-level logic; mostly user sessions and settings