IDZEBRA  2.1.3
Data Fields
zebra_register Struct Reference

#include <index.h>

Data Fields

char * name
ISAMS isams
ISAMC isamc
ISAMB isamb
Dict dict
Dict matchDict
zebra_sort_index_t sort_index
int registerState
time_t registerChange
BFiles bfs
Records records
ZebraExplainInfo zei
char * server_path_prefix
data1_handle dh
zebra_maps_t zebra_maps
ZebraRankClass rank_classes
RecTypes recTypes
int seqno
int last_val
int stop_flag
zebra_rec_keys_t keys
zebra_rec_keys_t sortKeys
zebra_key_block_t key_block

Detailed Description

Definition at line 126 of file index.h.

Field Documentation

BFiles zebra_register::bfs
data1_handle zebra_register::dh
Dict zebra_register::dict
ISAMB zebra_register::isamb
ISAMC zebra_register::isamc
ISAMS zebra_register::isams
zebra_key_block_t zebra_register::key_block
zebra_rec_keys_t zebra_register::keys
int zebra_register::last_val

Definition at line 147 of file index.h.

Referenced by zebra_begin_trans(), and zebra_register_open().

Dict zebra_register::matchDict
char* zebra_register::name

Definition at line 127 of file index.h.

Referenced by zebra_flush_reg(), zebra_register_close(), and zebra_register_open().

ZebraRankClass zebra_register::rank_classes

Definition at line 144 of file index.h.

Referenced by zebra_register_open(), zebraRankDestroy(), zebraRankInstall(), and zebraRankLookup().

Records zebra_register::records
RecTypes zebra_register::recTypes
time_t zebra_register::registerChange

Definition at line 136 of file index.h.

int zebra_register::registerState

Definition at line 135 of file index.h.

int zebra_register::seqno

Definition at line 146 of file index.h.

Referenced by zebra_begin_trans(), and zebra_register_open().

char* zebra_register::server_path_prefix

Definition at line 141 of file index.h.

zebra_sort_index_t zebra_register::sort_index
zebra_rec_keys_t zebra_register::sortKeys
int zebra_register::stop_flag

Definition at line 148 of file index.h.

Referenced by zebra_register_close().

zebra_maps_t zebra_register::zebra_maps
ZebraExplainInfo zebra_register::zei

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