IDZEBRA  2.1.4
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1 /* This file is part of the Zebra server.
2  Copyright (C) Index Data
4 Zebra is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
5 the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free
6 Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option) any later
7 version.
9 Zebra is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
10 WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
11 FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License
12 for more details.
14 You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
15 along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
16 Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
18 */
20 #ifndef ZEBRA_INDEX_H
21 #define ZEBRA_INDEX_H
23 #include <time.h>
24 #include <stdlib.h>
25 #include <idzebra/version.h>
26 #include <idzebra/util.h>
27 #include <idzebra/flock.h>
28 #include <sortidx.h>
30 #include <sys/times.h>
31 #endif
32 #include <sys/stat.h>
34 #include <yaz/timing.h>
35 #include <idzebra/dict.h>
36 #include <idzebra/isams.h>
37 #include <idzebra/isamc.h>
38 #include <idzebra/isamb.h>
39 #include <d1_absyn.h>
40 #include <idzebra/recgrs.h>
41 #include "recindex.h"
42 #include <idzebra/api.h>
43 #include "zinfo.h"
44 #include <passwddb.h>
45 #include <rset.h>
46 #include <zebramap.h>
48 #include <it_key.h>
49 #include <su_codec.h>
53 #define ISAM_DEFAULT "b"
57 struct dir_entry {
58  enum dirsKind kind;
59  char *name;
60  time_t mtime;
61 };
63 struct dirs_entry {
64  enum dirsKind kind;
65  char path[256];
67  time_t mtime;
68 };
70 void getFnameTmp(Res res, char *fname, int no);
72 struct dirs_info *dirs_open(Dict dict, const char *rep, int rw);
73 struct dirs_info *dirs_fopen(Dict dict, const char *path, int rw);
74 struct dirs_entry *dirs_read(struct dirs_info *p);
75 struct dirs_entry *dirs_last(struct dirs_info *p);
76 void dirs_mkdir(struct dirs_info *p, const char *src, time_t mtime);
77 void dirs_rmdir(struct dirs_info *p, const char *src);
78 void dirs_add(struct dirs_info *p, const char *src, zint sysno, time_t mtime);
79 void dirs_del(struct dirs_info *p, const char *src);
80 void dirs_free(struct dirs_info **pp);
82 struct dir_entry *dir_open(const char *rep, const char *base,
83  int follow_links);
84 void dir_sort(struct dir_entry *e);
85 void dir_free(struct dir_entry **e_p);
87 void repositoryUpdate(ZebraHandle zh, const char *path);
88 void repositoryAdd(ZebraHandle zh, const char *path);
89 void repositoryDelete(ZebraHandle zh, const char *path);
90 void repositoryShow(ZebraHandle zh, const char *path);
93 void inv_compact(BFiles bfs);
94 void key_input(ZebraHandle zh, int nkeys, int cache, Res res);
95 ISAMS_M *key_isams_m(Res res, ISAMS_M *me);
96 ISAMC_M *key_isamc_m(Res res, ISAMC_M *me);
98 #define FNAME_DICT "dict"
99 #define FNAME_ISAM "isam"
100 #define FNAME_ISAMC "isamc"
101 #define FNAME_ISAMS "isams"
102 #define FNAME_CONFIG "zebra.cfg"
104 #define GMATCH_DICT "gmatch"
105 #define FMATCH_DICT "fmatch%d"
107 void zebra_lock_prefix(Res res, char *dst);
109 #define FNAME_MAIN_LOCK "zebraidx.LCK"
110 #define FNAME_COMMIT_LOCK "zebracmt.LCK"
111 #define FNAME_ORG_LOCK "zebraorg.LCK"
112 #define FNAME_TOUCH_TIME "zebraidx.time"
114 typedef struct zebra_set *ZebraSet;
116 typedef struct zebra_rank_class {
121 } *ZebraRankClass;
123 #include "reckeys.h"
124 #include "key_block.h"
127  char *name;
135  int registerState; /* 0 (no commit pages), 1 (use commit pages) */
146  int seqno;
147  int last_val;
154 };
164  const char *path_root;
166  NMEM nmem;
167  yaz_timing_t timing;
168 };
178  char **basenames;
181  char *reg_name;
182  char *path_reg;
187  int trans_no;
191  ZebraSet sets;
194  char *user_perm;
196  int errCode;
197  char *errString;
200  struct tms tms1;
201  struct tms tms2;
202 #endif
215  yaz_iconv_t iconv_to_utf8;
216  yaz_iconv_t iconv_from_utf8;
219  const char *m_group;
220  const char *m_record_id;
221  const char *m_record_type;
234  int (*break_handler_func)(void *client_data);
236 };
240  char *term;
242 };
247 };
250 void zebra_limit_destroy(struct zebra_limit *zl);
251 struct zebra_limit *zebra_limit_create(int exclude_flag, zint *ids);
252 void zebra_limit_for_rset(struct zebra_limit *zl,
253  int (**filter_func)(const void *buf, void *data),
254  void (**filter_destroy)(void *data),
255  void **filter_data);
259 ZEBRA_RES rpn_search_top(ZebraHandle zh, Z_RPNStructure *zs,
260  const Odr_oid *attributeSet, zint hits_limit,
261  NMEM stream, NMEM rset_nmem,
262  Z_SortKeySpecList *sort_sequence,
263  int num_bases, const char **basenames,
264  RSET *result_set);
267  zint *approx_limit);
269 ZEBRA_RES rpn_scan(ZebraHandle zh, ODR stream, Z_AttributesPlusTerm *zapt,
270  const Odr_oid *attributeset,
271  int num_bases, char **basenames,
272  int *position, int *num_entries, ZebraScanEntry **list,
273  int *is_partial, const char *set_name);
275 RSET rset_trunc(ZebraHandle zh, ISAM_P *isam_p, int no,
276  const char *term, int length_term, const char *flags,
277  int preserve_position, int term_type, NMEM rset_nmem,
278  struct rset_key_control *kctrl, int scope,
279  struct ord_list *ol, const char *index_type,
280  zint hits_limit, const char *term_ref_id);
282 ZEBRA_RES resultSetGetBaseNames(ZebraHandle zh, const char *setname,
283  const char ***basenames, int *num_bases);
285 void resultSetAddTerm(ZebraHandle zh, ZebraSet s, int reg_type,
286  const char *db, const char *index_name,
287  const char *term);
288 ZebraSet resultSetAdd(ZebraHandle zh, const char *name, int ov);
289 ZebraSet resultSetGet(ZebraHandle zh, const char *name);
290 ZEBRA_RES resultSetAddRPN(ZebraHandle zh, NMEM m, Z_RPNQuery *rpn,
291  int num_bases, char **basenames,
292  const char *setname,
293  zint *hits, int *estimated_hit_count);
294 RSET resultSetRef(ZebraHandle zh, const char *resultSetId);
295 void resultSetDestroy(ZebraHandle zh, int num_names, char **names,
296  int *statuses);
298  int num_input_setnames, const char **input_setnames,
299  const char *output_setname,
300  Z_SortKeySpecList *sort_sequence, int *sort_status);
302  ZebraSet sset, RSET rset,
303  Z_SortKeySpecList *sort_sequence,
304  int *sort_status);
305 ZEBRA_RES resultSetRank(ZebraHandle zh, ZebraSet zebraSet, RSET rset,
306  NMEM nmem);
309 int zebra_record_fetch(ZebraHandle zh, const char *setname,
310  zint sysno, int score,
311  ODR stream,
312  const Odr_oid *input_format, Z_RecordComposition *comp,
313  const Odr_oid **output_format, char **rec_bufp,
314  int *rec_lenp, char **basenamep,
315  WRBUF addinfo_w);
317 void extract_get_fname_tmp(ZebraHandle zh, char *fname, int no);
320  struct ZebraRecStream *stream, RecType rt,
321  void *recTypeClientData);
324  zebra_snippets *snippets);
329  const char *buf, size_t buf_size,
330  enum zebra_recctrl_action_t action,
331  const char *recordType,
332  zint *sysno,
333  const char *match_criteria,
334  const char *fname);
337 YAZ_EXPORT void zebra_create_stream_mem(struct ZebraRecStream *stream,
338  const char *buf, size_t sz);
339 YAZ_EXPORT void zebra_create_stream_fd(struct ZebraRecStream *stream,
340  int fd, off_t start_offset);
344  zebra_snippets *snippets);
346  zint sysno, zebra_snippets *snippets);
348 ZEBRA_RES zebra_extract_explain(void *handle, Record rec, data1_node *n);
350 ZEBRA_RES zebra_extract_file(ZebraHandle zh, zint *sysno, const char *fname,
351  enum zebra_recctrl_action_t action);
356 int zebra_file_stat(const char *file_name, struct stat *buf,
357  int follow_links);
359 Dict dict_open_res(BFiles bfs, const char *name, int cache, int rw,
360  int compact_flag, Res res);
362 void zebra_setError(ZebraHandle zh, int code, const char *addinfo);
363 void zebra_setError_zint(ZebraHandle zh, int code, zint i);
365 int zebra_term_untrans_iconv(ZebraHandle zh, NMEM stream,
366  const char *index_type,
367  char **dst, const char *src);
369 void zebra_term_untrans_iconv2(ZebraHandle zh, NMEM stream,
370  char **dst, const char *src);
372 ZEBRA_RES zebra_get_hit_vector(ZebraHandle zh, const char *setname, zint sysno);
374 int zebra_term_untrans(ZebraHandle zh, const char *index_type,
375  char *dst, const char *src);
378  Z_AttributesPlusTerm *zapt,
379  const char *index_type,
380  const char *xpath_use,
381  const Odr_oid *curAttributeSet,
382  int *ord);
385  Z_AttributeList *attr_list,
387  const char *index_type,
388  const Odr_oid *curAttributeSet,
389  int *ord);
392  Z_SortAttributes *sortAttributes,
393  int *ord,
394  int *numerical);
398  enum zebra_recctrl_action_t action);
402 {
404  int reg_type;
405 };
407 void rpn_char_map_prepare(struct zebra_register *reg, zebra_map_t zm,
408  struct rpn_char_map_info *map_info);
410 ZEBRA_RES zapt_term_to_utf8(ZebraHandle zh, Z_AttributesPlusTerm *zapt,
411  char *termz);
416 int zebra_check_res(Res res);
418 #define FIRST_IN_FIELD_STR "\001^"
419 #define FIRST_IN_FIELD_CHAR 1
420 #define FIRST_IN_FIELD_LEN 2
423  Z_AttributesPlusTerm *zapt,
424  zint *hits_limit_value,
425  const char **term_ref_id_str,
426  NMEM nmem);
429  const char *setname,
430  zint recid,
431  zint *sysnos, int *no_sysnos);
434  zint approx_limit);
437  NMEM rset_nmem, struct rset_key_control *kctl,
438  int scope, ISAM_P pos, TERMID termid);
440 void zebra_it_key_str_dump(ZebraHandle zh, struct it_key *key,
441  const char *str, size_t slen, NMEM nmem, int level);
445 #endif
446 /*
447  * Local variables:
448  * c-basic-offset: 4
449  * c-file-style: "Stroustrup"
450  * indent-tabs-mode: nil
451  * End:
452  * vim: shiftwidth=4 tabstop=8 expandtab
453  */
void repositoryAdd(ZebraHandle zh, const char *path)
ZEBRA_RES zebra_get_hit_vector(ZebraHandle zh, const char *setname, zint sysno)
char * record_encoding
Definition: index.h:213
void zebra_setError(ZebraHandle zh, int code, const char *addinfo)
Definition: zebraapi.c:2754
ZEBRA_RES zebra_result_recid_to_sysno(ZebraHandle zh, const char *setname, zint recid, zint *sysnos, int *no_sysnos)
Definition: zsets.c:1481
struct dirs_info * dirs_fopen(Dict dict, const char *path, int rw)
Definition: dirs.c:104
yaz_iconv_t iconv_from_utf8
Definition: index.h:216
void * class_handle
Definition: index.h:119
size_t store_data_size
Definition: index.h:229
Res global_res
Definition: index.h:158
struct dirs_entry * dirs_last(struct dirs_info *p)
Definition: dirs.c:164
Definition: index.h:239
struct zebra_limit * m_limit
Definition: index.h:232
Zebra API.
int m_store_keys
Definition: index.h:223
ZEBRA_RES zebra_end_read(ZebraHandle zh)
Definition: zebraapi.c:1675
RSET resultSetRef(ZebraHandle zh, const char *resultSetId)
Definition: zsets.c:1075
char * xadmin_databaseName
Definition: index.h:176
void zebra_index_merge(ZebraHandle zh)
Definition: kinput.c:714
struct rset_key_control * zebra_key_control_create(ZebraHandle zh)
Definition: kcontrol.c:57
struct zebra_session * next
Definition: index.h:172
char * term
Definition: index.h:240
zint ISAM_P
Definition: isamc.h:28
void dirs_add(struct dirs_info *p, const char *src, zint sysno, time_t mtime)
Definition: dirs.c:189
int zebra_term_untrans(ZebraHandle zh, const char *index_type, char *dst, const char *src)
Definition: untrans.c:31
ZEBRA_RES zebra_attr_list_get_ord(ZebraHandle zh, Z_AttributeList *attr_list, zinfo_index_category_t cat, const char *index_type, const Odr_oid *curAttributeSet, int *ord)
Definition: attribute.c:69
char * path_reg
Definition: index.h:182
ZebraSet sets
Definition: index.h:191
ZEBRA_RES zebra_snippets_hit_vector(ZebraHandle zh, const char *setname, zint sysno, zebra_snippets *snippets)
Definition: zsets.c:1340
void zebra_create_stream_mem(struct ZebraRecStream *stream, const char *buf, size_t sz)
Definition: stream.c:123
int m_staticrank
Definition: index.h:205
time_t mtime
Definition: index.h:60
void dirs_del(struct dirs_info *p, const char *src)
Definition: dirs.c:202
Definition: isams.c:40
void zebra_set_partial_result(ZebraHandle zh)
Definition: zebraapi.c:1063
int zebra_file_stat(const char *file_name, struct stat *buf, int follow_links)
Definition: dir.c:38
ISAMS_M * key_isams_m(Res res, ISAMS_M *me)
Definition: isam_methods.c:31
RSET rset_trunc(ZebraHandle zh, ISAM_P *isam_p, int no, const char *term, int length_term, const char *flags, int preserve_position, int term_type, NMEM rset_nmem, struct rset_key_control *kctrl, int scope, struct ord_list *ol, const char *index_type, zint hits_limit, const char *term_ref_id)
Definition: trunc.c:403
int zebra_record_fetch(ZebraHandle zh, const char *setname, zint sysno, int score, ODR stream, const Odr_oid *input_format, Z_RecordComposition *comp, const Odr_oid **output_format, char **rec_bufp, int *rec_lenp, char **basenamep, WRBUF addinfo_w)
Definition: retrieve.c:1225
void zebra_limit_for_rset(struct zebra_limit *zl, int(**filter_func)(const void *buf, void *data), void(**filter_destroy)(void *data), void **filter_data)
Definition: limit.c:96
Definition: index.h:55
void zebra_count_set(ZebraHandle zh, RSET rset, zint *count, zint approx_limit)
Definition: zsets.c:1498
struct zebra_register * reg
Definition: index.h:174
ZEBRA_RES zapt_term_to_utf8(ZebraHandle zh, Z_AttributesPlusTerm *zapt, char *termz)
Definition: zaptterm.c:32
void rpn_char_map_prepare(struct zebra_register *reg, zebra_map_t zm, struct rpn_char_map_info *map_info)
Definition: rpnsearch.c:64
int zebra_check_res(Res res)
Definition: check_res.c:30
char ** basenames
Definition: index.h:178
int destroyed
Definition: index.h:190
data1_handle dh
Definition: index.h:142
ZEBRA_RES zebra_update_file_match(ZebraHandle zh, const char *path)
Definition: update_file.c:328
ZEBRA_RES rpn_scan(ZebraHandle zh, ODR stream, Z_AttributesPlusTerm *zapt, const Odr_oid *attributeset, int num_bases, char **basenames, int *position, int *num_entries, ZebraScanEntry **list, int *is_partial, const char *set_name)
Definition: rpnscan.c:469
int trans_no
Definition: index.h:187
Zebra dictionary.
ISAMB isamb
Definition: index.h:131
ZebraHandle zh
Definition: zebrash.c:64
const char * m_record_type
Definition: index.h:221
int zebra_get_rec_snippets(ZebraHandle zh, zint sysno, zebra_snippets *snippets)
Definition: retrieve.c:493
void dir_sort(struct dir_entry *e)
Definition: dir.c:138
int m_follow_links
Definition: index.h:218
char * reg_name
Definition: index.h:181
ZEBRA_RES zebra_remove_file_match(ZebraHandle zh)
Definition: update_file.c:315
zint records_deleted
Definition: index.h:210
void dirs_mkdir(struct dirs_info *p, const char *src, time_t mtime)
Definition: dirs.c:169
void inv_compact(BFiles bfs)
Definition: compact.c:31
zint records_processed
Definition: index.h:211
Records records
Definition: index.h:138
zint records_updated
Definition: index.h:209
NMEM nmem
Definition: index.h:166
struct dir_entry * dir_open(const char *rep, const char *base, int follow_links)
Definition: dir.c:48
char * user_perm
Definition: index.h:194
char * name
Definition: index.h:59
void key_input(ZebraHandle zh, int nkeys, int cache, Res res)
ZebraRankClass rank_classes
Definition: index.h:144
yaz_timing_t timing
Definition: index.h:167
ZEBRA_RES zebra_apt_get_ord(ZebraHandle zh, Z_AttributesPlusTerm *zapt, const char *index_type, const char *xpath_use, const Odr_oid *curAttributeSet, int *ord)
Definition: attribute.c:135
ZEBRA_RES rpn_get_top_approx_limit(ZebraHandle zh, Z_RPNStructure *zs, zint *approx_limit)
Definition: rpnsearch.c:2534
zebra_map_t zm
Definition: index.h:403
const char * scope
Definition: tstlockscope.c:40
struct zebra_service * service
Definition: index.h:173
const char * m_group
Definition: index.h:219
struct rank_control * control
Definition: index.h:117
ZEBRA_RES zebra_rec_keys_to_snippets(ZebraHandle zh, zebra_rec_keys_t reckeys, zebra_snippets *snippets)
ZEBRA_RES resultSetSortSingle(ZebraHandle zh, NMEM nmem, ZebraSet sset, RSET rset, Z_SortKeySpecList *sort_sequence, int *sort_status)
Definition: zsets.c:868
zint sysno
Definition: index.h:66
time_t registerChange
Definition: index.h:136
void repositoryDelete(ZebraHandle zh, const char *path)
ZebraSet resultSetAdd(ZebraHandle zh, const char *name, int ov)
Definition: zsets.c:215
ZEBRA_RES zebra_extract_file(ZebraHandle zh, zint *sysno, const char *fname, enum zebra_recctrl_action_t action)
Definition: extract.c:620
ZEBRA_RES resultSetGetBaseNames(ZebraHandle zh, const char *setname, const char ***basenames, int *num_bases)
Definition: zsets.c:310
ISAMC_M * key_isamc_m(Res res, ISAMC_M *me)
Definition: isam_methods.c:49
int stop_flag
Definition: index.h:157
void dir_free(struct dir_entry **e_p)
Definition: dir.c:146
Dict matchDict
Definition: index.h:133
zebra_rec_keys_t sortKeys
Definition: index.h:151
void zebra_setError_zint(ZebraHandle zh, int code, zint i)
Definition: zebraapi.c:2763
struct zebra_limit * zebra_limit_create(int exclude_flag, zint *ids)
Definition: limit.c:46
char * name
Definition: index.h:127
ZebraExplainInfo zei
Definition: index.h:139
enum dirsKind kind
Definition: index.h:58
Definition: res.c:46
Definition: dirs.c:34
zebra_key_block_t key_block
Definition: index.h:153
int m_store_data
Definition: index.h:222
struct zebra_rank_class * ZebraRankClass
void zebra_limit_destroy(struct zebra_limit *zl)
Definition: limit.c:37
void getFnameTmp(Res res, char *fname, int no)
Definition: kinput.c:69
int shadow_enable
Definition: index.h:203
ZEBRA_RES resultSetRank(ZebraHandle zh, ZebraSet zebraSet, RSET rset, NMEM nmem)
Definition: zsets.c:1084
void * break_handler_data
Definition: index.h:235
static Dict dict
Definition: dicttest.c:34
char * server_path_prefix
Definition: index.h:141
zebra_maps_t zebra_maps
Definition: index.h:143
struct dirs_info * dirs_open(Dict dict, const char *rep, int rw)
Definition: dirs.c:82
void resultSetAddTerm(ZebraHandle zh, ZebraSet s, int reg_type, const char *db, const char *index_name, const char *term)
Definition: zsets.c:188
int m_flag_rw
Definition: index.h:225
int zebra_term_untrans_iconv(ZebraHandle zh, NMEM stream, const char *index_type, char **dst, const char *src)
Definition: untrans.c:96
char * errString
Definition: index.h:197
time_t mtime
Definition: index.h:67
Res dbaccess
Definition: index.h:163
char * dbaccesslist
Definition: index.h:195
RSET zebra_create_rset_isam(ZebraHandle zh, NMEM rset_nmem, struct rset_key_control *kctl, int scope, ISAM_P pos, TERMID termid)
Definition: rset_isam.c:32
void repositoryShow(ZebraHandle zh, const char *path)
Definition: update_path.c:77
void resultSetDestroy(ZebraHandle zh, int num_names, char **names, int *statuses)
Definition: zsets.c:344
Definition: isamb.c:94
Definition: index.h:63
Res session_res
Definition: index.h:193
void print_rec_keys(ZebraHandle zh, zebra_rec_keys_t reckeys)
Definition: extract.c:1619
zebra_sort_index_t sort_index
Definition: index.h:134
ZebraService zs
Definition: zebrash.c:63
struct term_set_entry * last
Definition: index.h:246
int m_explain_database
Definition: index.h:224
int rw
Definition: dirs.c:36
ZEBRA_RES resultSetAddRPN(ZebraHandle zh, NMEM m, Z_RPNQuery *rpn, int num_bases, char **basenames, const char *setname, zint *hits, int *estimated_hit_count)
Definition: zsets.c:148
Passwd_db passwd_db
Definition: index.h:162
int last_val
Definition: index.h:147
int num_basenames
Definition: index.h:179
ZEBRA_RES zebra_term_limits_APT(ZebraHandle zh, Z_AttributesPlusTerm *zapt, zint *hits_limit_value, const char **term_ref_id_str, NMEM nmem)
Definition: rpnsearch.c:959
void extract_get_fname_tmp(ZebraHandle zh, char *fname, int no)
Definition: kinput.c:77
void zebra_term_untrans_iconv2(ZebraHandle zh, NMEM stream, char **dst, const char *src)
Definition: untrans.c:64
int trans_w_no
Definition: index.h:188
static void filter_destroy(void *clientData)
Definition: mod_alvis.c:332
void zebra_it_key_str_dump(ZebraHandle zh, struct it_key *key, const char *str, size_t slen, NMEM nmem, int level)
Definition: extract.c:1335
zebra_rec_keys_t keys
Definition: index.h:150
ZEBRA_RES zebra_begin_read(ZebraHandle zh)
Definition: zebraapi.c:1670
ISAMS isams
Definition: index.h:129
Dict dict
Definition: index.h:132
yaz_iconv_t iconv_to_utf8
Definition: index.h:215
void extract_snippet(ZebraHandle zh, zebra_snippets *sn, struct ZebraRecStream *stream, RecType rt, void *recTypeClientData)
Definition: extract.c:334
RecTypes recTypes
Definition: index.h:145
Definition: zinfo.h:37
ZebraSet resultSetGet(ZebraHandle zh, const char *name)
Definition: zsets.c:282
void zebra_lock_prefix(Res res, char *dst)
Definition: zebraapi.c:2773
int partial_result
Definition: index.h:198
struct zebra_rank_class * next
Definition: index.h:120
struct zebra_session * sessions
Definition: index.h:159
BFiles bfs
Definition: index.h:137
void dirs_free(struct dirs_info **pp)
Definition: dirs.c:216
long zint
Zebra integer.
Definition: util.h:66
ISAMC isamc
Definition: index.h:130
void resultSetInvalidate(ZebraHandle zh)
Definition: zsets.c:322
NMEM nmem_error
Definition: index.h:230
int stop_flag
Definition: index.h:148
struct zebra_set * ZebraSet
Definition: index.h:114
Definition: rset.h:150
ZEBRA_RES zebra_sort_get_ord(ZebraHandle zh, Z_SortAttributes *sortAttributes, int *ord, int *numerical)
Definition: attribute.c:190
struct zebra_register * regs
Definition: index.h:160
int fd
Definition: tstlockscope.c:38
Dict dict_open_res(BFiles bfs, const char *name, int cache, int rw, int compact_flag, Res res)
Definition: zebraapi.c:320
Definition: index.h:55
Definition: index.h:57
const char * m_record_id
Definition: index.h:220
int m_file_verbose_limit
Definition: index.h:226
struct term_set_entry * first
Definition: index.h:245
ZebraLockHandle lock_normal
Definition: index.h:184
const char * path_root
Definition: index.h:164
int registerState
Definition: index.h:135
ZEBRA_RES zebra_extract_explain(void *handle, Record rec, data1_node *n)
Definition: extract.c:1251
int m_segment_indexing
Definition: index.h:206
ZebraLockHandle lock_shadow
Definition: index.h:185
Definition: it_key.h:30
Common return type for Zebra API.
Definition: util.h:80
Zebra_mutex_cond session_lock
Definition: index.h:161
Definition: rset.h:50
ZEBRA_RES zebra_buffer_extract_record(ZebraHandle zh, const char *buf, size_t buf_size, enum zebra_recctrl_action_t action, const char *recordType, zint *sysno, const char *match_criteria, const char *fname)
Definition: extract.c:736
void inv_prstat(ZebraHandle zh)
struct dirs_entry * dirs_read(struct dirs_info *p)
Definition: dirs.c:133
Definition: rset.h:35
Definition: recctrl.h:87
RecTypeClass record_classes
Definition: index.h:165
zint * ids
Definition: limit.c:34
ZEBRA_RES resultSetSort(ZebraHandle zh, NMEM nmem, int num_input_setnames, const char **input_setnames, const char *output_setname, Z_SortKeySpecList *sort_sequence, int *sort_status)
Definition: zsets.c:826
int errCode
Definition: index.h:196
void repositoryUpdate(ZebraHandle zh, const char *path)
zint records_inserted
Definition: index.h:208
void dirs_rmdir(struct dirs_info *p, const char *src)
Definition: dirs.c:179
zint records_skipped
Definition: index.h:212
void * store_data_buf
Definition: index.h:228
zint approx_limit
Definition: index.h:180
void zebra_create_stream_fd(struct ZebraRecStream *stream, int fd, off_t start_offset)
Definition: stream.c:140
record reader stream
Definition: recctrl.h:71
ZEBRA_RES zebra_update_from_path(ZebraHandle zh, const char *path, enum zebra_recctrl_action_t action)
Definition: update_path.c:143
ZEBRA_RES rpn_search_top(ZebraHandle zh, Z_RPNStructure *zs, const Odr_oid *attributeSet, zint hits_limit, NMEM stream, NMEM rset_nmem, Z_SortKeySpecList *sort_sequence, int num_bases, const char **basenames, RSET *result_set)
Definition: rpnsearch.c:2565
struct term_set_entry * next
Definition: index.h:241