IDZEBRA  2.1.3
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index.h File Reference
#include <time.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <idzebra/version.h>
#include <idzebra/util.h>
#include <idzebra/flock.h>
#include <sortidx.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <yaz/timing.h>
#include <idzebra/dict.h>
#include <idzebra/isams.h>
#include <idzebra/isamc.h>
#include <idzebra/isamb.h>
#include <d1_absyn.h>
#include <idzebra/recgrs.h>
#include "recindex.h"
#include <idzebra/api.h>
#include "zinfo.h"
#include <passwddb.h>
#include <rset.h>
#include <zebramap.h>
#include <it_key.h>
#include <su_codec.h>
#include "reckeys.h"
#include "key_block.h"

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Data Structures

struct  dir_entry
struct  dirs_entry
struct  zebra_rank_class
struct  zebra_register
struct  zebra_service
struct  zebra_session
struct  term_set_entry
struct  term_set_list
struct  rpn_char_map_info


#define ISAM_DEFAULT   "b"
#define FNAME_DICT   "dict"
#define FNAME_ISAM   "isam"
#define FNAME_ISAMC   "isamc"
#define FNAME_ISAMS   "isams"
#define FNAME_CONFIG   "zebra.cfg"
#define GMATCH_DICT   "gmatch"
#define FMATCH_DICT   "fmatch%d"
#define FNAME_MAIN_LOCK   "zebraidx.LCK"
#define FNAME_COMMIT_LOCK   "zebracmt.LCK"
#define FNAME_ORG_LOCK   "zebraorg.LCK"
#define FNAME_TOUCH_TIME   "zebraidx.time"
#define FIRST_IN_FIELD_STR   "\001^"
#define FIRST_IN_FIELD_LEN   2


typedef struct zebra_setZebraSet
typedef struct zebra_rank_classZebraRankClass


enum  dirsKind { dirs_dir, dirs_file }


void getFnameTmp (Res res, char *fname, int no)
struct dirs_infodirs_open (Dict dict, const char *rep, int rw)
struct dirs_infodirs_fopen (Dict dict, const char *path, int rw)
struct dirs_entrydirs_read (struct dirs_info *p)
struct dirs_entrydirs_last (struct dirs_info *p)
void dirs_mkdir (struct dirs_info *p, const char *src, time_t mtime)
void dirs_rmdir (struct dirs_info *p, const char *src)
void dirs_add (struct dirs_info *p, const char *src, zint sysno, time_t mtime)
void dirs_del (struct dirs_info *p, const char *src)
void dirs_free (struct dirs_info **pp)
struct dir_entrydir_open (const char *rep, const char *base, int follow_links)
void dir_sort (struct dir_entry *e)
void dir_free (struct dir_entry **e_p)
void repositoryUpdate (ZebraHandle zh, const char *path)
void repositoryAdd (ZebraHandle zh, const char *path)
void repositoryDelete (ZebraHandle zh, const char *path)
void repositoryShow (ZebraHandle zh, const char *path)
void inv_prstat (ZebraHandle zh)
void inv_compact (BFiles bfs)
void key_input (ZebraHandle zh, int nkeys, int cache, Res res)
ISAMS_Mkey_isams_m (Res res, ISAMS_M *me)
ISAMC_Mkey_isamc_m (Res res, ISAMC_M *me)
void zebra_lock_prefix (Res res, char *dst)
void zebra_limit_destroy (struct zebra_limit *zl)
struct zebra_limitzebra_limit_create (int exclude_flag, zint *ids)
void zebra_limit_for_rset (struct zebra_limit *zl, int(**filter_func)(const void *buf, void *data), void(**filter_destroy)(void *data), void **filter_data)
struct rset_key_controlzebra_key_control_create (ZebraHandle zh)
ZEBRA_RES rpn_search_top (ZebraHandle zh, Z_RPNStructure *zs, const Odr_oid *attributeSet, zint hits_limit, NMEM stream, NMEM rset_nmem, Z_SortKeySpecList *sort_sequence, int num_bases, const char **basenames, RSET *result_set)
ZEBRA_RES rpn_get_top_approx_limit (ZebraHandle zh, Z_RPNStructure *zs, zint *approx_limit)
ZEBRA_RES rpn_scan (ZebraHandle zh, ODR stream, Z_AttributesPlusTerm *zapt, const Odr_oid *attributeset, int num_bases, char **basenames, int *position, int *num_entries, ZebraScanEntry **list, int *is_partial, const char *set_name)
RSET rset_trunc (ZebraHandle zh, ISAM_P *isam_p, int no, const char *term, int length_term, const char *flags, int preserve_position, int term_type, NMEM rset_nmem, struct rset_key_control *kctrl, int scope, struct ord_list *ol, const char *index_type, zint hits_limit, const char *term_ref_id)
ZEBRA_RES resultSetGetBaseNames (ZebraHandle zh, const char *setname, const char ***basenames, int *num_bases)
void resultSetAddTerm (ZebraHandle zh, ZebraSet s, int reg_type, const char *db, const char *index_name, const char *term)
ZebraSet resultSetAdd (ZebraHandle zh, const char *name, int ov)
ZebraSet resultSetGet (ZebraHandle zh, const char *name)
ZEBRA_RES resultSetAddRPN (ZebraHandle zh, NMEM m, Z_RPNQuery *rpn, int num_bases, char **basenames, const char *setname, zint *hits, int *estimated_hit_count)
RSET resultSetRef (ZebraHandle zh, const char *resultSetId)
void resultSetDestroy (ZebraHandle zh, int num_names, char **names, int *statuses)
ZEBRA_RES resultSetSort (ZebraHandle zh, NMEM nmem, int num_input_setnames, const char **input_setnames, const char *output_setname, Z_SortKeySpecList *sort_sequence, int *sort_status)
ZEBRA_RES resultSetSortSingle (ZebraHandle zh, NMEM nmem, ZebraSet sset, RSET rset, Z_SortKeySpecList *sort_sequence, int *sort_status)
ZEBRA_RES resultSetRank (ZebraHandle zh, ZebraSet zebraSet, RSET rset, NMEM nmem)
void resultSetInvalidate (ZebraHandle zh)
int zebra_record_fetch (ZebraHandle zh, const char *setname, zint sysno, int score, ODR stream, const Odr_oid *input_format, Z_RecordComposition *comp, const Odr_oid **output_format, char **rec_bufp, int *rec_lenp, char **basenamep, WRBUF addinfo_w)
void extract_get_fname_tmp (ZebraHandle zh, char *fname, int no)
void extract_snippet (ZebraHandle zh, zebra_snippets *sn, struct ZebraRecStream *stream, RecType rt, void *recTypeClientData)
int zebra_get_rec_snippets (ZebraHandle zh, zint sysno, zebra_snippets *snippets)
void zebra_index_merge (ZebraHandle zh)
ZEBRA_RES zebra_buffer_extract_record (ZebraHandle zh, const char *buf, size_t buf_size, enum zebra_recctrl_action_t action, const char *recordType, zint *sysno, const char *match_criteria, const char *fname)
void zebra_create_stream_mem (struct ZebraRecStream *stream, const char *buf, size_t sz)
void zebra_create_stream_fd (struct ZebraRecStream *stream, int fd, off_t start_offset)
void print_rec_keys (ZebraHandle zh, zebra_rec_keys_t reckeys)
ZEBRA_RES zebra_rec_keys_to_snippets (ZebraHandle zh, zebra_rec_keys_t reckeys, zebra_snippets *snippets)
ZEBRA_RES zebra_snippets_hit_vector (ZebraHandle zh, const char *setname, zint sysno, zebra_snippets *snippets)
ZEBRA_RES zebra_extract_explain (void *handle, Record rec, data1_node *n)
ZEBRA_RES zebra_extract_file (ZebraHandle zh, zint *sysno, const char *fname, enum zebra_recctrl_action_t action)
ZEBRA_RES zebra_begin_read (ZebraHandle zh)
ZEBRA_RES zebra_end_read (ZebraHandle zh)
int zebra_file_stat (const char *file_name, struct stat *buf, int follow_links)
Dict dict_open_res (BFiles bfs, const char *name, int cache, int rw, int compact_flag, Res res)
void zebra_setError (ZebraHandle zh, int code, const char *addinfo)
void zebra_setError_zint (ZebraHandle zh, int code, zint i)
int zebra_term_untrans_iconv (ZebraHandle zh, NMEM stream, const char *index_type, char **dst, const char *src)
void zebra_term_untrans_iconv2 (ZebraHandle zh, NMEM stream, char **dst, const char *src)
ZEBRA_RES zebra_get_hit_vector (ZebraHandle zh, const char *setname, zint sysno)
int zebra_term_untrans (ZebraHandle zh, const char *index_type, char *dst, const char *src)
ZEBRA_RES zebra_apt_get_ord (ZebraHandle zh, Z_AttributesPlusTerm *zapt, const char *index_type, const char *xpath_use, const Odr_oid *curAttributeSet, int *ord)
ZEBRA_RES zebra_attr_list_get_ord (ZebraHandle zh, Z_AttributeList *attr_list, zinfo_index_category_t cat, const char *index_type, const Odr_oid *curAttributeSet, int *ord)
ZEBRA_RES zebra_sort_get_ord (ZebraHandle zh, Z_SortAttributes *sortAttributes, int *ord, int *numerical)
ZEBRA_RES zebra_update_file_match (ZebraHandle zh, const char *path)
ZEBRA_RES zebra_update_from_path (ZebraHandle zh, const char *path, enum zebra_recctrl_action_t action)
ZEBRA_RES zebra_remove_file_match (ZebraHandle zh)
void rpn_char_map_prepare (struct zebra_register *reg, zebra_map_t zm, struct rpn_char_map_info *map_info)
ZEBRA_RES zapt_term_to_utf8 (ZebraHandle zh, Z_AttributesPlusTerm *zapt, char *termz)
void zebra_set_partial_result (ZebraHandle zh)
int zebra_check_res (Res res)
ZEBRA_RES zebra_term_limits_APT (ZebraHandle zh, Z_AttributesPlusTerm *zapt, zint *hits_limit_value, const char **term_ref_id_str, NMEM nmem)
ZEBRA_RES zebra_result_recid_to_sysno (ZebraHandle zh, const char *setname, zint recid, zint *sysnos, int *no_sysnos)
void zebra_count_set (ZebraHandle zh, RSET rset, zint *count, zint approx_limit)
RSET zebra_create_rset_isam (ZebraHandle zh, NMEM rset_nmem, struct rset_key_control *kctl, int scope, ISAM_P pos, TERMID termid)
void zebra_it_key_str_dump (ZebraHandle zh, struct it_key *key, const char *str, size_t slen, NMEM nmem, int level)

Macro Definition Documentation


Definition at line 419 of file index.h.

Referenced by perform_facet_index(), and string_relation().

#define FIRST_IN_FIELD_LEN   2

Definition at line 420 of file index.h.

Referenced by extract_add_incomplete_field().

#define FIRST_IN_FIELD_STR   "\001^"
#define FMATCH_DICT   "fmatch%d"

Definition at line 105 of file index.h.

Referenced by repositoryShow(), and zebra_open_fmatch().

#define FNAME_COMMIT_LOCK   "zebracmt.LCK"

Definition at line 110 of file index.h.

#define FNAME_CONFIG   "zebra.cfg"

Definition at line 102 of file index.h.

#define FNAME_DICT   "dict"

Definition at line 98 of file index.h.

Referenced by inv_compact(), and zebra_register_open().

#define FNAME_ISAM   "isam"

Definition at line 99 of file index.h.

#define FNAME_ISAMC   "isamc"

Definition at line 100 of file index.h.

Referenced by zebra_register_open().

#define FNAME_ISAMS   "isams"

Definition at line 101 of file index.h.

Referenced by zebra_register_open().

#define FNAME_MAIN_LOCK   "zebraidx.LCK"

Definition at line 109 of file index.h.

#define FNAME_ORG_LOCK   "zebraorg.LCK"

Definition at line 111 of file index.h.

#define FNAME_TOUCH_TIME   "zebraidx.time"

Definition at line 112 of file index.h.

#define GMATCH_DICT   "gmatch"

Definition at line 104 of file index.h.

Referenced by zebra_register_open().

#define ISAM_DEFAULT   "b"

Definition at line 53 of file index.h.

Referenced by zebra_register_open().

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct zebra_rank_class * ZebraRankClass
typedef struct zebra_set* ZebraSet

Definition at line 114 of file index.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum dirsKind

Definition at line 55 of file index.h.

Function Documentation

Dict dict_open_res ( BFiles  bfs,
const char *  name,
int  cache,
int  rw,
int  compact_flag,
Res  res 

Definition at line 320 of file zebraapi.c.

References dict_open(), res_get_int(), and ZEBRA_OK.

Referenced by repositoryShow(), zebra_open_fmatch(), and zebra_register_open().

void dir_free ( struct dir_entry **  e_p)

Definition at line 146 of file dir.c.

References dir_entry::name.

Referenced by file_update_r(), and repositoryExtractR().

struct dir_entry* dir_open ( const char *  rep,
const char *  base,
int  follow_links 
void dir_sort ( struct dir_entry e)

Definition at line 138 of file dir.c.

References dir_cmp(), and dir_entry::name.

Referenced by file_update_r().

void dirs_add ( struct dirs_info p,
const char *  src,
zint  sysno,
time_t  mtime 
void dirs_del ( struct dirs_info p,
const char *  src 
struct dirs_info* dirs_fopen ( Dict  dict,
const char *  path,
int  rw 
void dirs_free ( struct dirs_info **  pp)

Definition at line 216 of file dirs.c.

References dirs_info::entries.

Referenced by file_update_top(), and repositoryShow().

struct dirs_entry* dirs_last ( struct dirs_info p)

Definition at line 164 of file dirs.c.

References dirs_info::last_entry.

Referenced by file_update_r().

void dirs_mkdir ( struct dirs_info p,
const char *  src,
time_t  mtime 

Definition at line 169 of file dirs.c.

References dirs_info::dict, dict_insert(), DIRS_MAX_PATH, dirs_entry::path, dirs_info::prefix, and dirs_info::rw.

Referenced by file_update_r().

struct dirs_info* dirs_open ( Dict  dict,
const char *  rep,
int  rw 
struct dirs_entry* dirs_read ( struct dirs_info p)
void dirs_rmdir ( struct dirs_info p,
const char *  src 

Definition at line 179 of file dirs.c.

References dirs_info::dict, dict_delete(), DIRS_MAX_PATH, dirs_entry::path, dirs_info::prefix, and dirs_info::rw.

Referenced by fileDelete_r().

void extract_get_fname_tmp ( ZebraHandle  zh,
char *  fname,
int  no 

Definition at line 77 of file kinput.c.

References zebra_session::res, and res_get_def().

Referenced by zebra_index_merge().

void extract_snippet ( ZebraHandle  zh,
zebra_snippets sn,
struct ZebraRecStream stream,
RecType  rt,
void *  recTypeClientData 
void getFnameTmp ( Res  res,
char *  fname,
int  no 

Definition at line 69 of file kinput.c.

References res_get_def().

Referenced by key_file_chunk_read().

void inv_compact ( BFiles  bfs)

Definition at line 31 of file compact.c.

References dict_copy_compact(), and FNAME_DICT.

Referenced by zebra_compact().

void inv_prstat ( ZebraHandle  zh)
void key_input ( ZebraHandle  zh,
int  nkeys,
int  cache,
Res  res 
ISAMC_M* key_isamc_m ( Res  res,
ISAMS_M* key_isams_m ( Res  res,
void print_rec_keys ( ZebraHandle  zh,
zebra_rec_keys_t  reckeys 
void repositoryAdd ( ZebraHandle  zh,
const char *  path 
void repositoryDelete ( ZebraHandle  zh,
const char *  path 
void repositoryShow ( ZebraHandle  zh,
const char *  path 
void repositoryUpdate ( ZebraHandle  zh,
const char *  path 
ZebraSet resultSetAdd ( ZebraHandle  zh,
const char *  name,
int  ov 
ZEBRA_RES resultSetAddRPN ( ZebraHandle  zh,
NMEM  m,
Z_RPNQuery *  rpn,
int  num_bases,
char **  basenames,
const char *  setname,
zint hits,
int *  estimated_hit_count 
void resultSetAddTerm ( ZebraHandle  zh,
ZebraSet  s,
int  reg_type,
const char *  db,
const char *  index_name,
const char *  term 
void resultSetDestroy ( ZebraHandle  zh,
int  num_names,
char **  names,
int *  statuses 
ZebraSet resultSetGet ( ZebraHandle  zh,
const char *  name 
ZEBRA_RES resultSetGetBaseNames ( ZebraHandle  zh,
const char *  setname,
const char ***  basenames,
int *  num_bases 
void resultSetInvalidate ( ZebraHandle  zh)
ZEBRA_RES resultSetRank ( ZebraHandle  zh,
ZebraSet  zebraSet,
RSET  rset,
NMEM  nmem 
RSET resultSetRef ( ZebraHandle  zh,
const char *  resultSetId 

Definition at line 1075 of file zsets.c.

References resultSetGet(), and zebra_set::rset.

Referenced by perform_facet(), rpn_scan(), and rpn_search_structure().

ZEBRA_RES resultSetSort ( ZebraHandle  zh,
NMEM  nmem,
int  num_input_setnames,
const char **  input_setnames,
const char *  output_setname,
Z_SortKeySpecList *  sort_sequence,
int *  sort_status 
ZEBRA_RES resultSetSortSingle ( ZebraHandle  zh,
NMEM  nmem,
ZebraSet  sset,
RSET  rset,
Z_SortKeySpecList *  sort_sequence,
int *  sort_status 
void rpn_char_map_prepare ( struct zebra_register reg,
zebra_map_t  zm,
struct rpn_char_map_info map_info 
ZEBRA_RES rpn_get_top_approx_limit ( ZebraHandle  zh,
Z_RPNStructure *  zs,
zint approx_limit 

Definition at line 2534 of file rpnsearch.c.

References attr_find(), attr_init_APT(), and ZEBRA_OK.

Referenced by resultSetSearch().

ZEBRA_RES rpn_scan ( ZebraHandle  zh,
ODR  stream,
Z_AttributesPlusTerm *  zapt,
const Odr_oid *  attributeset,
int  num_bases,
char **  basenames,
int *  position,
int *  num_entries,
ZebraScanEntry **  list,
int *  is_partial,
const char *  set_name 
ZEBRA_RES rpn_search_top ( ZebraHandle  zh,
Z_RPNStructure *  zs,
const Odr_oid *  attributeSet,
zint  hits_limit,
NMEM  stream,
NMEM  rset_nmem,
Z_SortKeySpecList *  sort_sequence,
int  num_bases,
const char **  basenames,
RSET result_set 
RSET rset_trunc ( ZebraHandle  zh,
ISAM_P isam_p,
int  no,
const char *  term,
int  length_term,
const char *  flags,
int  preserve_position,
int  term_type,
NMEM  rset_nmem,
struct rset_key_control kctrl,
int  scope,
struct ord_list ol,
const char *  index_type,
zint  hits_limit,
const char *  term_ref_id 
ZEBRA_RES zapt_term_to_utf8 ( ZebraHandle  zh,
Z_AttributesPlusTerm *  zapt,
char *  termz 
ZEBRA_RES zebra_apt_get_ord ( ZebraHandle  zh,
Z_AttributesPlusTerm *  zapt,
const char *  index_type,
const char *  xpath_use,
const Odr_oid *  curAttributeSet,
int *  ord 
ZEBRA_RES zebra_attr_list_get_ord ( ZebraHandle  zh,
Z_AttributeList *  attr_list,
zinfo_index_category_t  cat,
const char *  index_type,
const Odr_oid *  curAttributeSet,
int *  ord 
ZEBRA_RES zebra_begin_read ( ZebraHandle  zh)
ZEBRA_RES zebra_buffer_extract_record ( ZebraHandle  zh,
const char *  buf,
size_t  buf_size,
enum zebra_recctrl_action_t  action,
const char *  recordType,
zint sysno,
const char *  match_criteria,
const char *  fname 
int zebra_check_res ( Res  res)

Definition at line 30 of file check_res.c.

References res_add(), res_check(), res_close(), and res_open().

Referenced by zebra_start_res().

void zebra_count_set ( ZebraHandle  zh,
RSET  rset,
zint count,
zint  approx_limit 

Definition at line 1498 of file zsets.c.

References rset::hits_count, rset::hits_limit, it_key::mem, rset_close(), rset_open, rset_read, and RSETF_READ.

Referenced by freq_term(), and scan_save_set().

RSET zebra_create_rset_isam ( ZebraHandle  zh,
NMEM  rset_nmem,
struct rset_key_control kctl,
int  scope,
ISAM_P  pos,
TERMID  termid 
void zebra_create_stream_fd ( struct ZebraRecStream stream,
int  fd,
off_t  start_offset 
void zebra_create_stream_mem ( struct ZebraRecStream stream,
const char *  buf,
size_t  sz 
ZEBRA_RES zebra_end_read ( ZebraHandle  zh)
ZEBRA_RES zebra_extract_explain ( void *  handle,
Record  rec,
data1_node n 
ZEBRA_RES zebra_extract_file ( ZebraHandle  zh,
zint sysno,
const char *  fname,
enum zebra_recctrl_action_t  action 
int zebra_file_stat ( const char *  file_name,
struct stat *  buf,
int  follow_links 

Definition at line 38 of file dir.c.

Referenced by dir_open(), file_update_top(), and repositoryExtract().

ZEBRA_RES zebra_get_hit_vector ( ZebraHandle  zh,
const char *  setname,
zint  sysno 
int zebra_get_rec_snippets ( ZebraHandle  zh,
zint  sysno,
zebra_snippets snippets 
void zebra_index_merge ( ZebraHandle  zh)
void zebra_it_key_str_dump ( ZebraHandle  zh,
struct it_key key,
const char *  str,
size_t  slen,
NMEM  nmem,
int  level 
struct rset_key_control* zebra_key_control_create ( ZebraHandle  zh)
struct zebra_limit* zebra_limit_create ( int  exclude_flag,
zint ids 

Definition at line 46 of file limit.c.

References zebra_limit::complement_flag, and zebra_limit::ids.

Referenced by zebra_limit_for_rset(), zebra_open(), and zebra_set_limit().

void zebra_limit_destroy ( struct zebra_limit zl)

Definition at line 37 of file limit.c.

References zebra_limit::ids.

Referenced by zebra_close(), zebra_limit_destroy_cb(), and zebra_set_limit().

void zebra_limit_for_rset ( struct zebra_limit zl,
int(**)(const void *buf, void *data)  filter_func,
void(**)(void *data)  filter_destroy,
void **  filter_data 
void zebra_lock_prefix ( Res  res,
char *  dst 

Definition at line 2773 of file zebraapi.c.

References res_get_def().

Referenced by zebra_pidfname().

ZEBRA_RES zebra_rec_keys_to_snippets ( ZebraHandle  zh,
zebra_rec_keys_t  reckeys,
zebra_snippets snippets 
int zebra_record_fetch ( ZebraHandle  zh,
const char *  setname,
zint  sysno,
int  score,
ODR  stream,
const Odr_oid *  input_format,
Z_RecordComposition *  comp,
const Odr_oid **  output_format,
char **  rec_bufp,
int *  rec_lenp,
char **  basenamep,
WRBUF  addinfo_w 
ZEBRA_RES zebra_remove_file_match ( ZebraHandle  zh)

Definition at line 315 of file update_file.c.

References dict, dict_clean(), dict_close(), ZEBRA_FAIL, ZEBRA_OK, and zebra_open_fmatch().

Referenced by zebra_drop_database().

ZEBRA_RES zebra_result_recid_to_sysno ( ZebraHandle  zh,
const char *  setname,
zint  recid,
zint sysnos,
int *  no_sysnos 
void zebra_set_partial_result ( ZebraHandle  zh)

Definition at line 1063 of file zebraapi.c.

References zebra_session::partial_result.

Referenced by numeric_relation(), and string_term().

void zebra_setError ( ZebraHandle  zh,
int  code,
const char *  addinfo 
void zebra_setError_zint ( ZebraHandle  zh,
int  code,
zint  i 
ZEBRA_RES zebra_snippets_hit_vector ( ZebraHandle  zh,
const char *  setname,
zint  sysno,
zebra_snippets snippets 
ZEBRA_RES zebra_sort_get_ord ( ZebraHandle  zh,
Z_SortAttributes *  sortAttributes,
int *  ord,
int *  numerical 
ZEBRA_RES zebra_term_limits_APT ( ZebraHandle  zh,
Z_AttributesPlusTerm *  zapt,
zint hits_limit_value,
const char **  term_ref_id_str,
NMEM  nmem 

Definition at line 959 of file rpnsearch.c.

References attr_find(), attr_find_ex(), attr_init_APT(), ZEBRA_OK, and ZINT_FORMAT.

Referenced by rpn_search_APT_numeric(), and search_term().

int zebra_term_untrans ( ZebraHandle  zh,
const char *  index_type,
char *  dst,
const char *  src 
int zebra_term_untrans_iconv ( ZebraHandle  zh,
NMEM  stream,
const char *  index_type,
char **  dst,
const char *  src 
void zebra_term_untrans_iconv2 ( ZebraHandle  zh,
NMEM  stream,
char **  dst,
const char *  src 

Definition at line 64 of file untrans.c.

References zebra_session::iconv_from_utf8, and IT_MAX_WORD.

Referenced by perform_facet(), and zebra_term_untrans_iconv().

ZEBRA_RES zebra_update_file_match ( ZebraHandle  zh,
const char *  path 
ZEBRA_RES zebra_update_from_path ( ZebraHandle  zh,
const char *  path,
enum zebra_recctrl_action_t  action 

Definition at line 143 of file update_path.c.

References repositoryExtract(), and ZEBRA_OK.

Referenced by zebra_repository_index().