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PageLink - Class in com.indexdata.mkjsf.controls
PageLink(String, int, ResultsPager) - Constructor for class com.indexdata.mkjsf.controls.PageLink
PAZPAR2_URL_LIST - Static variable in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.Pz2Service
Pazpar2Command - Class in com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.commands
Represents a generic Pazpar2 or Service Proxy command with all its current parameters, and has methods for executing the command against the currently selected Pazpar2 service
Pazpar2Command() - Constructor for class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.commands.Pazpar2Command
Pazpar2Command(String) - Constructor for class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.commands.Pazpar2Command
Pazpar2Commands - Class in com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.commands
Pazpar2Commands holds references to all Pazpar2 commands.
Pazpar2Commands() - Constructor for class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.commands.Pazpar2Commands
Pazpar2State - Class in com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.state
Holds a 'pazpar2 state', understood as a full set of pazpar2 commands and all their parameter settings at a given point in time.
Pazpar2State() - Constructor for class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.state.Pazpar2State
Pazpar2State(Pazpar2State, Pazpar2Command) - Constructor for class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.state.Pazpar2State
Creates new state by cloning all commands of the provided state and then overriding one of them with the provided state changing command.
PING - Static variable in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.commands.Pazpar2Commands
PingCommand - Class in com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.commands
Represents a Pazpar2 ping command, , can be accessed by pzreq.ping
PingCommand() - Constructor for class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.commands.PingCommand
postConstruct() - Method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.Pz2Service
postInitDoc(String) - Method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.ServiceProxyClient
postInitDoc(byte[], Pazpar2Command) - Method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.ServiceProxyClient
put(String, ResponseDataObject) - Method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.data.Responses
Pz2Client - Class in com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2
Search client handling straight Pazpar2 requests.
Pz2Client() - Constructor for class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.Pz2Client
Pz2Service - Class in com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2
Pz2Service is the main controller of the search logic, used for selecting the service type (which can be done by configuration and/or run-time), selecting which search client to use, and performing high-level control of request cycles and state management.
Pz2Service() - Constructor for class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.Pz2Service
Pz2Service.Preferred - Annotation Type in com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2