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endElement(String, String, String) - Method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.data.ResponseParser
equals(Object) - Method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.commands.CommandParameter
equals(Object) - Method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.commands.Pazpar2Command
ErrorCentral - Class in com.indexdata.mkjsf.errors
ErrorCentral() - Constructor for class com.indexdata.mkjsf.errors.ErrorCentral
ErrorHelper - Class in com.indexdata.mkjsf.errors
ErrorHelper(ConfigurationReader) - Constructor for class com.indexdata.mkjsf.errors.ErrorHelper
ErrorHelper.ErrorCode - Enum in com.indexdata.mkjsf.errors
ErrorInterface - Interface in com.indexdata.mkjsf.errors
executeCommand(Pazpar2Command) - Method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.Pz2Client
Runs the give Pazpar2 command and returns a response wrapper with either the received response or with some form of error message.
executeCommand(Pazpar2Command) - Method in interface com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.SearchClient
Issues the provided command against the selected Pazpar2 service.
executeCommand(Pazpar2Command) - Method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.ServiceProxyClient
Expression - Class in com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.commands
Represents a complex command parameter value, in form of an expression with an equality operator
Expression(String, String, String, String) - Constructor for class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.commands.Expression
Instantiates an expression with a label
Expression(String) - Constructor for class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.commands.Expression
Instantiates an expression by parsing the provided expression string, which must be on the form {name}({=}or{~}){value}.