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INIT - Static variable in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.commands.Pazpar2Commands
InitCommand - Class in com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.commands
init Pazpar2 command, referenced as: pzreq.init
InitCommand() - Constructor for class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.commands.InitCommand
InitCommandSp - Class in com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.commands.sp
Service Proxy extensions to the Pazpar2 init command - specifically support for POSTing to the Service Proxy an init doc containing Pazpar2 definitions and settings.
InitCommandSp(InitCommand) - Constructor for class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.commands.sp.InitCommandSp
InitDocUpload - Class in com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.commands.sp
Helper class for file upload of an Service Proxy init doc.
InitDocUpload() - Constructor for class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.commands.sp.InitDocUpload
InitResponse - Class in com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.data
Data from the init command, can be accessed by pzresp.init
InitResponse() - Constructor for class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.data.InitResponse
insertErrorXml(String, String, String, String) - Static method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.data.CommandError
Embeds a Pazpar2 (or Pazpar2 client) error response document as a child element of a command response document (like 'search' or 'show').
isAuthenticated() - Method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.Pz2Client
isAuthenticatingClient() - Method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.Pz2Client
isAuthenticatingClient() - Method in interface com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.SearchClient
Basically says if this client accesses a Service Proxy, which (usually) requires some form of authentication, or Pazpar2, which don't.
isAuthenticatingClient() - Method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.ServiceProxyClient
isAuthenticationOk() - Method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.data.sp.AuthResponse
isBinary() - Method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.ClientCommandResponse
isBinary() - Method in interface com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.HttpResponseWrapper
isCurrent() - Method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.controls.PageLink
isLink() - Method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.controls.PageLink
isNew() - Method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.data.SearchResponse
isPazpar2Error() - Method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.data.CommandError
isPazpar2Error() - Method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.data.ServiceError
isPazpar2Service() - Method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.Pz2Service
isServiceError() - Method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.errors.ConfigurationError
isServiceError() - Method in interface com.indexdata.mkjsf.errors.ErrorInterface
isServiceError() - Method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.data.CommandError
isServiceProxyError() - Method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.data.CommandError
isServiceProxyError() - Method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.data.ServiceError
isServiceProxyService() - Method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.Pz2Service