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baseObjectName(Object) - Static method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.utils.Utils
BYTARGET - Static variable in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.commands.Pazpar2Commands
BytargetCommand - Class in com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.commands
bytarget Pazpar2 command referenced as: pzreq.bytarget
BytargetCommand() - Constructor for class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.commands.BytargetCommand
BytargetCommandSp - Class in com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.commands.sp
BytargetCommandSp(BytargetCommand) - Constructor for class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.commands.sp.BytargetCommandSp
ByTargetResponse - Class in com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.data
Data from the bytarget command, can be accessed by pzresp.byTarget
ByTargetResponse() - Constructor for class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.data.ByTargetResponse