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UiUtils - Class in com.indexdata.mkjsf.utils
UI utilities
UiUtils() - Constructor for class com.indexdata.mkjsf.utils.UiUtils
unsupportedCommand() - Method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.data.sp.SpResponseDataObject
Returns true if the command was not recognized by the Service Proxy, passed on to Pazpar2, and then also not recognized by Pazpar2.
update() - Method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.Pz2Service
Updates display data objects by simultaneously issuing the following Pazpar2 commands: 'show', 'stat', 'termlist' and 'bytarget'.
update(String) - Method in class com.indexdata.mkjsf.pazpar2.Pz2Service
Simultaneously refreshes the data objects listed in 'commands' from pazpar2, potentially running a search or a record command first if any of these two commands have outstanding parameter changes.
Utils - Class in com.indexdata.mkjsf.utils
A few utilities, mostly for logging
Utils() - Constructor for class com.indexdata.mkjsf.utils.Utils