YAZ  5.27.1
File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
 advancegreek.cAdvance Greek encoding and decoding
 atoin.cImplements atoi_n function
 backend.hHeader for GFS
 backtrace.cGet information for abnormal terminated, crashes, etc
 backtrace.hBacktrace handling
 base64.cBase64 encode/decode utilities
 base64.hHeader for Base64 utilities
 ber_any.cImplements BER ANY encoding and decoding
 ber_bit.cImplements BER BITSTRING encoding and decoding
 ber_bool.cImplements BER BOOLEAN encoding and decoding
 ber_int.cImplements BER INTEGER encoding and decoding
 ber_len.cImplements BER length octet encoding and decoding
 ber_null.cImplements ber_null
 ber_oct.cImplements ber_octetstring
 ber_oid.cImplements BER OID encoding and decoding
 ber_tag.cImplements BER tags encoding and decoding
 ccl.hHeader with public definitions for CCL
 ccl_stop_words.cRemoves stop words from terms in RPN tree
 ccl_xml.hHeader for CCL + XML stuff
 cclerrms.cImplements CCL error code to error string map
 cclfind.cImplements parsing of a CCL FIND query
 cclp.hCCL header with private definitions
 cclptree.cImplements CCL parse tree printing
 cclqfile.cImplements parsing of CCL qualifier specs in files
 cclqual.cImplements CCL qualifier utilities
 cclstr.cImplements CCL string compare utilities
 ccltoken.cImplements CCL lexical analyzer (scanner)
 cclxmlconfig.cXML configuration for CCL
 charneg.cImplements Z39.50 Charset negotiation utilities
 charneg.hHeader for Z39.50 Charset negotiation utilities
 comstack.cImplements Generic COMSTACK functions
 comstack.hHeader for COMSTACK
 condvar.cWraps condition variables
 cookie.cHTTP cookie utility
 cookie.hHTTP cookie handling
 copy_types.cCopies various Z39.50 types
 copy_types.hCopies various Z39.50 types
 cql.cImplements CQL parser
 cql.hHeader with public definitions about CQL
 cql2ccl.cImplements CQL to CCL conversion
 cql_sortkeys.cCQL sortkeys utilities
 cqlstdio.cImplements query stream reading using FILE handle
 cqlstrer.cImplements CQL error code map to description string
 cqlstring.cImplements query stream reader that reads from a C string
 cqltransform.cImplements CQL transform (CQL to RPN conversion)
 cqlutil.cImplements CQL tree node utilities
 daemon.cUnix daemon management
 daemon.hUnix daemon management
 diag-entry.cDiagnostic table lookup
 diag-entry.hDiagnostic table lookup header
 diag_map.cImplements SRU/Z39.50 diagnostic mappings
 diagbib1.cDiagnostics: Generated by csvtodiag.tcl from ./bib1.csv
 diagbib1.hDiagnostics: Generated by csvtodiag.tcl from ./bib1.csv
 diagsru_update.cDiagnostics: Generated by csvtodiag.tcl from ./sru_update.csv
 diagsru_update.hDiagnostics: Generated by csvtodiag.tcl from ./sru_update.csv
 diagsrw.cDiagnostics: Generated by csvtodiag.tcl from ./srw.csv
 diagsrw.hDiagnostics: Generated by csvtodiag.tcl from ./srw.csv
 dirent.cImplement opendir/readdir/closedir on Windows
 dirent.hWrapper for dirent.h or our own for Windows
 dummy-opac.cLittle toy-thing to generate an OPAC record with some values
 dumpber.cImplements BER dumping
 elementset.cZ39.50 element set utilities
 errno.cErrno utilities
 errno.hHeader for errno utilities
 eventl.cImplements event loop handling for GFS
 eventl.hDefinitions for event loop handling for GFS
 facet.cFacet utilities
 facet.hHeader for the facet utilities
 file_glob.cFile globbing (ala POSIX glob, but simpler)
 file_glob.hFile globbing (ala POSIX glob, but simpler)
 gettimeofday.cImplements wrapper for gettimeofday
 gettimeofday.hHeader for gettimeofday wrapper
 gfs-example.cDemonstration of Generic Frontend Server API
 grs1disp.cImplements display of GRS-1 records
 http.cImplements HTTP decoding
 iconv-p.hInternal header for iconv
 iconv_decode_danmarc.cDanmarc2 character set decoding
 iconv_decode_iso5426.cISO 5426 decoding
 iconv_decode_marc8.cMARC-8 decoding
 iconv_encode_danmarc.cDanmarc2 character set encoding
 iconv_encode_iso_8859_1.cISO-8859-1 encoding / decoding
 iconv_encode_marc8.cMARC-8 encoding
 iconv_encode_wchar.cWCHAR_T iconv encoding / decoding
 icu.hICU utilities
 icu_casemap.cICU character case (u_strToUpper, etc)
 icu_chain.cICU chain
 icu_I18N.hInternal header for ICU utilities
 icu_sortkey.cSortkey utility based on ICU Collator
 icu_tokenizer.cICU tokenization - using ubrk_-functions from ICU
 icu_transform.cICU transforms - using utrans_-functions from ICU
 icu_utf16.cUTF-16 string utilities for ICU
 icu_utf8.cUTF-8 string utilities for ICU
 ill-core.cASN.1 Module ISO-10161-ILL-1
 ill-core.hASN.1 Module ISO-10161-ILL-1
 ill-get.cImplements ILL package creator utilities
 ill.hILL Package utilities
 init_diag.cDecoding of diagnostics embedded in init response
 init_globals.cInitialize global things
 initopt.cImplements Z39.50 Init Options Utility
 iso5426.cCharacter conversion, generated from ./codetables-iso5426.xml
 iso5428.cISO-5428:1984 encoding and decoding
 item-req.cASN.1 Module Z39.50-extendedService-ItemOrder-ItemRequest-1
 item-req.hASN.1 Module Z39.50-extendedService-ItemOrder-ItemRequest-1
 json.cJSON encoding/decoding
 json.hHeader for JSON functions
 log.cLogging utility
 log.hLogging utility
 logrpn.cImplements Z39.50 Query Printing
 logrpn.hHeader for Z39.50 Query Printing
 malloc_info.cMalloc info reporting via WRBUF
 malloc_info.hMalloc info reporting via WRBUF
 marc8.cCharacter conversion, generated from ./codetables.xml
 marc8r.cCharacter conversion, generated from ./codetables.xml
 marc_read_iso2709.cImplements reading of MARC as ISO2709
 marc_read_json.cImplements reading of MARC in JSON format
 marc_read_line.cImplements reading of MARC in line format
 marc_read_xml.cImplements reading of MARC as XML
 marcdisp.cImplements MARC conversion utilities
 marcdisp.hMARC conversion
 match_glob.cGlob expression match
 match_glob.hGlob expression matcher
 matchstr.cCouple of string utilities
 matchstr.hHeader for YAZ iconv interface
 mime.cSmall utility to manage MIME types
 mime.hSmall utility to manage MIME types
 mutex-p.hDeclares internal definitions of for Mutex functions
 mutex.cImplements MUTEX functions
 mutex.hHeader for Mutex functions
 nmem.cImplements Nibble Memory
 nmem.hHeader for Nibble Memory functions
 nmem_xml.hHeader for Nibble Memory functions + Libxml2 specific stuff
 nmemsdup.cImplements NMEM dup utilities
 oclc-ill-req-ext.cASN.1 Module OCLCILLRequestExtension
 oclc-ill-req-ext.hASN.1 Module OCLCILLRequestExtension
 odr-priv.hInternal ODR definitions
 odr.cImplements fundamental ODR functionality
 odr.hHeader for ODR (Open Data Representation)
 odr_any.cImplements ODR ANY codec
 odr_bit.cImplements ODR BITSTRING codec
 odr_bool.cImplements ODR BOOLEAN codec
 odr_choice.cImplements ODR CHOICE codec
 odr_cons.cImplements ODR constructed codec
 odr_enum.cImplements ODR ENUM codec
 odr_int.cImplements ODR INTEGER codec
 odr_mem.cImplements ODR memory management
 odr_null.cImplements ODR NULL codec
 odr_oct.cImplements ODR OCTET codec
 odr_oid.cImplements ODR OID codec
 odr_seq.cImplements ODR SEQUENCE codec
 odr_tag.cImplements ODR IMPLICIT tagging codec
 odr_use.cImplements misc ODR types
 odr_util.cImplements various ODR utilities
 oid_db.cOID Database
 oid_db.hHeader for OID database
 oid_std.cStandard Object Identifiers: Generated from ./oid.csv
 oid_std.hStandard Object Identifiers: Generated from ./oid.csv
 oid_util.cImplements OID base utilities
 oid_util.hHeader for OID basic functions
 opac_to_xml.cImplements OPAC to XML conversion
 options.cImplements command line options parsing
 options.hHeader for command line options parsing utilities
 otherinfo.cImplements Z39.50 OtherInfo utilities
 otherinfo.hHeader for Z39.50 OtherInfo utilities
 poll.cSelect, poll wrapper
 poll.hPoll, select wrappers
 pquery.cImplements PQF parsing
 pquery.hHeader for PQF parsing
 proto.hHeader for Z39.50 Protocol
 proxunit.cProximityUnit map to/from string
 proxunit.hHeader for JSON functions
 prt-ext.cImplements handling of various Z39.50 Externals
 prt-ext.hHeader for utilities that handle Z39.50 EXTERNALs
 query-charset.cConverts General Terms in RPN queries
 query-charset.hQuery to WRBUF (to strings)
 querytowrbuf.cConvert Z39.50 Z_Query to PQF (as WRBUF string)
 querytowrbuf.hQuery to WRBUF (to strings)
 read-grs.cLittle toy-thing to read GRS-1 records from a file
 read-marc.cLittle toy-thing to read MARC records from a fixed array
 readconf.cImplements config file reading
 readconf.hHeader for config file reading utilities
 record_conv.cRecord Conversions utility
 record_conv.hRecord Conversions Utility
 record_render.cRender Z39.50 records (NamePlusRecord)
 record_render.hRecord render header
 requestq.cImplements Simple queue management for GFS
 retrieval.cRetrieval utility
 retrieval.hRetrieval utility
 rpn2cql.cImplements RPN to CQL conversion
 rpn2cql.hHeader for RPN to CQL tranform
 rpn2solr.cImplements RPN to SOLR conversion
 rpn2solr.hHeader for RPN to SOLR tranform
 sc.cWindows Service Control
 sc.hHeader for Windows Service Control utility
 sc_test.cSmall test for the Windows Service Control utility
 seshigh.cImplements GFS session logic
 session.hInternal header for GFS
 shptr.hShared pointer macros
 siconv.cImplements simple ICONV
 snprintf.cSnprintf wrapper
 snprintf.hHeader for config file reading utilities
 soap.cImplements SOAP
 soap.hHeader for SOAP
 solr.cImplements Solr decoding/encoding
 solr.hHeader with public definitions about Solr
 solrtransform.cOld wrappers
 sortspec.cImplements SortSpec parsing
 sortspec.hHeader for SortSpec parsing
 spipe.cImplements socket-pipes
 spipe.hSocket-pipe header
 sru-p.hSRU private header
 sru_facet.cImplements SRU 2.0 facets
 srw.cImplements SRW/SRU package encoding and decoding
 srw.hHeader for SRW/SRU
 srwutil.cImplements SRW/SRU utilities
 statserv.cImplements GFS logic
 statserv.hHeader for GFS (Obsolete. Use yaz/backend.h)
 stemmer.cImplements stemmer wrapper
 stemmer.hHeader for the stemming API
 tcpdchk.cImplements TCP WRAPPER check
 tcpip.cImplements TCP/IP + SSL COMSTACK
 tcpip.hHeader for TCP/IP + SSL COMSTACK
 test.cUnit Test for YAZ
 test.hUnit Test for YAZ
 thread_create.cImplements thread creation wrappers
 thread_create.hImplements thread creation wrappers
 thread_id.cReturns printable thread ID
 thread_id.hHeader for Mutex functions
 timing.cTiming utilities
 timing.hTiming utilities
 tokenizer.cSimple tokenizer system
 tokenizer.hHeader with public definitions about YAZ' tokenizer
 tpath.cFile Path utilities
 tpath.hFile Path utilities
 ucs4.cUCS4 decoding and encoding
 unix.cImplements UNIX domain socket COMSTACK
 unix.hHeader for UNIX domain socket COMSTACK
 uri.cImplements URI utilities
 url.cURL fetch utility
 url.hURL fetch utility
 utf8.cUTF-8 encoding / decoding
 version.cImplements YAZ version utilities
 wrbuf.cImplements WRBUF (growing buffer)
 wrbuf.hHeader for WRBUF (growing buffer)
 wrbuf_sha1.cImplements SHA1 creation over WRBUF
 xcqlutil.cImplements CQL to XCQL conversion
 xmalloc.cImplements malloc interface
 xmalloc.hHeader for memory handling functions
 xml_add.cXML node creation utilities
 xml_get.cXML node getter/creation utilities
 xml_get.hXML node getter/creation utilities
 xml_include.cXML Include (not to be confused with W3C XInclude)
 xml_include.hXML Include (not to be confused with W3C XInclude)
 xml_match.cXML node inspection utilities
 xml_to_opac.cImplements XML to OPAC conversion
 xmlerror.cLog XML / XSLT Errors via yaz_log
 xmlquery.cQuery / XML conversions
 xmlquery.hQuery / XML conversions
 xmltypes.hDefine xmlNode and xmlDocPtr if Libxml2 is present
 yaz-ccl.cImplements CCL node tree to RPN converson
 yaz-ccl.hHeader for CCL node tree to RPN converson utilities
 yaz-iconv.hHeader for YAZ iconv interface
 yaz-util.hHeader for common YAZ utilities
 yaz-version.hDefines YAZ version
 yconfig.hHeader with fundamental macros
 z-accdes1.cASN.1 Module AccessControlFormat-des-1
 z-accdes1.hASN.1 Module AccessControlFormat-des-1
 z-accform1.cASN.1 Module AccessControlFormat-prompt-1
 z-accform1.hASN.1 Module AccessControlFormat-prompt-1
 z-acckrb1.cASN.1 Module AccessControlFormat-krb-1
 z-acckrb1.hASN.1 Module AccessControlFormat-krb-1
 z-charneg.cASN.1 Module NegotiationRecordDefinition-charSetandLanguageNegotiation-3
 z-charneg.hASN.1 Module NegotiationRecordDefinition-charSetandLanguageNegotiation-3
 z-core.cASN.1 Module Z39-50-APDU-1995
 z-core.hASN.1 Module Z39-50-APDU-1995
 z-date.cASN.1 Module UserInfoFormat-dateTime
 z-date.hASN.1 Module UserInfoFormat-dateTime
 z-diag1.cASN.1 Module DiagnosticFormatDiag1
 z-diag1.hASN.1 Module DiagnosticFormatDiag1
 z-espec1.cASN.1 Module ElementSpecificationFormat-eSpec-1
 z-espec1.hASN.1 Module ElementSpecificationFormat-eSpec-1
 z-estask.cASN.1 Module RecordSyntax-ESTaskPackage
 z-estask.hASN.1 Module RecordSyntax-ESTaskPackage
 z-exp.cASN.1 Module RecordSyntax-explain
 z-exp.hASN.1 Module RecordSyntax-explain
 z-facet-1.cASN.1 Module UserInfoFormat-facet-1
 z-facet-1.hASN.1 Module UserInfoFormat-facet-1
 z-grs.cASN.1 Module RecordSyntax-generic
 z-grs.hASN.1 Module RecordSyntax-generic
 z-mterm2.cASN.1 Module UserInfoFormat-multipleSearchTerms-2
 z-mterm2.hASN.1 Module UserInfoFormat-multipleSearchTerms-2
 z-oclcui.cASN.1 Module UserInfoFormat-oclcUserInformation
 z-oclcui.hASN.1 Module UserInfoFormat-oclcUserInformation
 z-opac.cASN.1 Module RecordSyntax-opac
 z-opac.hASN.1 Module RecordSyntax-opac
 z-rrf1.cASN.1 Module ResourceReport-Format-Resource-1
 z-rrf1.hASN.1 Module ResourceReport-Format-Resource-1
 z-rrf2.cASN.1 Module ResourceReport-Format-Resource-2
 z-rrf2.hASN.1 Module ResourceReport-Format-Resource-2
 z-sum.cASN.1 Module RecordSyntax-summary
 z-sum.hASN.1 Module RecordSyntax-summary
 z-sutrs.cASN.1 Module RecordSyntax-SUTRS
 z-sutrs.hASN.1 Module RecordSyntax-SUTRS
 z-uifr1.cASN.1 Module UserInfoFormat-searchResult-1
 z-uifr1.hASN.1 Module UserInfoFormat-searchResult-1
 z-univ.cASN.1 Module ResourceReport-Format-Universe-1
 z-univ.hASN.1 Module ResourceReport-Format-Universe-1
 zes-admin.cASN.1 Module ESFormat-Admin
 zes-admin.hASN.1 Module ESFormat-Admin
 zes-expi.cASN.1 Module ESFormat-ExportInvocation
 zes-expi.hASN.1 Module ESFormat-ExportInvocation
 zes-exps.cASN.1 Module ESFormat-ExportSpecification
 zes-exps.hASN.1 Module ESFormat-ExportSpecification
 zes-order.cASN.1 Module ESFormat-ItemOrder
 zes-order.hASN.1 Module ESFormat-ItemOrder
 zes-pquery.cASN.1 Module ESFormat-PersistentQuery
 zes-pquery.hASN.1 Module ESFormat-PersistentQuery
 zes-psched.cASN.1 Module ESFormat-PeriodicQuerySchedule
 zes-psched.hASN.1 Module ESFormat-PeriodicQuerySchedule
 zes-pset.cASN.1 Module ESFormat-PersistentResultSet
 zes-pset.hASN.1 Module ESFormat-PersistentResultSet
 zes-update.cASN.1 Module ESFormat-Update
 zes-update.hASN.1 Module ESFormat-Update
 zes-update0.cASN.1 Module ESFormat-Update0
 zes-update0.hASN.1 Module ESFormat-Update0
 zgdu.cImplements HTTP and Z39.50 encoding and decoding
 zgdu.hHeader for the Z_GDU (HTTP or Z39.50 package)
 zget.cImplements Z39.50 package creator utilities
 zoom-c.cImplements ZOOM C interface
 zoom-event.cImplements ZOOM Event stuff
 zoom-memcached.cImplements query/record caching using memcached
 zoom-opt.cImplements ZOOM options handling
 zoom-p.hInternal header for ZOOM implementation
 zoom-query.cImplements ZOOM C query interface
 zoom-record-cache.cImplements ZOOM record caching
 zoom-socket.cImplements ZOOM C socket interface
 zoom-sru.cImplements ZOOM SRU
 zoom-z3950.cImplements ZOOM Z39.50 handling
 zoom.hHeader for ZOOM
 ztest.cYaz-ztest Generic Frontend Server
 ztest.hInternal header for yaz-ztest